Wonderfully Delicious

Good for Months, Naturally!

Art’s cake is made from a secret recipe that uses special mixing techniques. He uses a special blend of spices, carefully selected pecans … butter … and bourbon-soaked fruit. The result is a scrumptious cake that’s moist and not overly sweet. Because there is less fruit, there is more of Whitaker’s delicious cake.

Wrapped in rum-soaked cheesecloth, each RUMFRU DELIGHT® is aged to let the flavor develop. Best of all, the spirits in Whitaker’s RUMFRU DELIGHT® act as natural preservatives that keep this special cake fresh – without refrigeration – for six months. It also freezes well for even longer! But chances are, once you’ve tasted RUMFRU DELIGHT®, you won’t be very interested in storing it at all!

A wonderful gift idea

Nestled in its exquisite gift box, each cake is sent lovingly on its way. And some of these precious cakes have quite a way to go – to homes and specialty shops across North America, Europe and Africa, where discriminating gourmets savor RUMFRU Delight® or present it as a special gift to special friends.