Frequently Asked Questions

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What does RUMFRU DELIGHT® taste like?

RUMFRU DELIGHT® gourmet cakes have a very rich heavenly taste that is not overly sweet and that leaves a very pleasant taste on the palette long after you have consumed it.  The mixture of spices with the rum and bourbon make you warm all over when you partake of this gourmet product.

How long is my RUMFRU DELIGHT® good for?

RUMFRU DELIGHT® gourmet cakes will keep on the shelf for up to 3 months.  After opening, wrap the unused portion of the cake or put it in a zip locked bag, and keep it in the refrigerator. RUMFRU DELIGHT® gourmet cake may be frozen for a year.  When you remove your RUMFRU DELIGHT® gourmet cake from the freezer, cut it and let it come to room temperature before eating. You will be amazed at the moisture the cake retains and you will enjoy the same rich taste you experienced with your initial slice of cake.

Can I ship a gift order from the store?

Yes, you may ship a RUMFRU DELIGHT® Gourmet cake to the addresses of your choice.  Provide the shipping information and a message for the recipient and your  request will be packaged and mailed through USPS to the destination you indicate with your order. We offer free gift wrap, and a hand-written note card to each recipient.

Do you make RUMRFU DELIGHT® cakes year round?

Yes, you may purchase RUMFRU DELIGHT® gourmet cake for any and all occasions year round.

What are the ingredients?

RUMFRU DELIGHT® gourmet cake is made from a secret recipe that uses special mixing techniques. The cake contains a special blend of spices, carefully selected pecans, butter and bourbon-soaked fruit.

After baking, the cake is wrapped in cheesecloth and dipped in rum!

How do I contact you?

Whitaker’s Gourmet, Inc. may be contacted at 301-434-2253 or at You may send your questions to us online or at Whitaker’s Gourmet, Inc., 2714 Muskogee Street, Adelphi, MD 20783.