For more than 25 years, Art Whitaker’s friends have enjoyed a wonderful secret!

Arthur & Marie Whitaker - Fruitcake Rumfru Delight
Rich, moist cakes packed with fruit and mouth-watering spices. Each holiday season, the cakes have arrived at the doors of Art’s loved ones. And now, these same wondrous cakes can arrive at your door year round!

Whitaker’s Gourmet, Inc. is a family owned business that started selling Whitaker’s RUMFRU DELIGHT® Gourmet cakes, our alternative to the traditional fruitcake, in 1987. We are a mail-order business in Adelphi, Maryland.

Whitaker’s Gourmet, Inc. was featured in the October 19, 1987 business section of the Washington Post in “Entrepreneur’s Fruitcakes Selling Like Hot Cakes”, in the October 1990 Black Enterprise magazine article,”Moonlighting for Fun and Profit”, and in the December 1995 Kipplinger’s Personal Finance magazine article, “Spending: Shopping Smart, A Moveable Feast”. Our motto is RUMFRU DELIGHT® is:

A Taste to Delight your Senses and Lift your Spirit!®

Our goal is to have satisfied customers all over the world. We love RUMFRU DELIGHT® and make it available all year long. Since RUMFRU DELIGHT® is more cake than fruit it goes well with the finest meals or is great as a special treat any time of the year. You simply must try it with tea or coffee!