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A Taste to Delight your Senses and Lift your Spirit!®

Deliciously Unique – A Taste for All

Are you a fruitcake “hater”? Let RUMFRU DELIGHT® change your mind! With our secret recipe, we use a blend of spices, carefully selected pecans, butter and bourbon-soaked fruit. The result is a scrumptious, moist cake and not overly sweet. Because there is less fruit, there is more of Whitaker’s delicious cake.

An Exquisite Gift Year Round

Nestled in its exquisite gift box, each fruitcake is sent lovingly on its way. Some of these precious cakes have quite a way to go – to homes and

About Us

Arthur & Marie Whitaker - Fruitcake Rumfru Delight
Whitaker’s Gourmet, Inc. is a family owned business that started selling Whitaker’s RUMFRU DELIGHT® Gourmet cakes, our alternative to the traditional fruitcake, in 1987. We are a mail-order business in Adelphi, Maryland.

Our Reviews

The texture and flavor of your gourmet cake is a delight to the taste buds and a delicious way to share your culinary talent. I am sure RUMFRU DELIGHT® will be popular with many discriminating hostesses and hosts.

– Marsha